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Street (Photo 101, Day 2)

Street view in Dongmen, Taipei, Taiwan

I immediately loved the angles of this photo, which I thought showed interesting depth within a portrait layout.

The young female vendor sporting her red rubber boots and walking back to the market was the intended focus of the photo, but somehow, surprisingly, focus shifted to the street.

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  1. Love it, there are so many stories and images within the image. All though the bikes are stationary I can imagine the craziness on the roads as everyone heads home, The apartments going upwards all house different families and different stories and your lady in the red boots has her story too! Great encapulation of “Street”!

    • Thank you so much! When I looked straight down the street, it was bustling and almost chaotic, but when I stood to the side, at an angle, it provided such a different perspective, like organized chaos set against a backdrop of unique buildings.

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