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Several years ago, I vowed to cultivate a daily attitude of gratitude instead of stockpiling everything for Thanksgiving. It’s easy to get bogged down in the negative, to look at life everyday with a cynical eye of what I don’t know or what I don’t have and wallowing in what I think makes my life “difficult”.

On this day, every year, I am even more grateful for the basic necessities I often take for granted. There are still places in this world, including here in Hawaiʻi, where people are not safe from threat or harm, where human rights are being violated, where people don’t have access to clean water, food and medicine, where people live in abject poverty, where education is a luxury not afforded to all. These are the times we live in, but they don’t need to be the world the future lives in.

I wish you all a heartfelt thanks-giving, wherever you are.


  1. I hope your day–and the many days ahead–are full of warmth and thanks.

    FYI, when I visited your page, I got an error note stating the holohologirls domain expired 193 days ago.

    • Thanks Deborah! We wish you well this holiday season! Yes, I keep trying to get rid of that message, but it’s not working. Ugh. Will keep trying, so thanks for stopping by!!

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