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X is for Xanadu

I had been racking by brain for a word that starts with the letter “x”.  My husband questioned what I was doing this past weekend as I hovered over my laptop, and when I told him, he just blurted out “xanadu”.  I was puzzled.  I never heard of this word nor knew its meaning.  Well, I was in for a little surf culture education.  In his younger years, my husband was hitting the beach every day to catch the perfect wave.  He mentioned that xanadu was a state of being.  I didn’t get it, so I googled it.  It turns out it is the name of a surfboard shaper, as well as a name place of a location in China and Florida.

I think it is interesting how a word can be redefined by a group of individuals.  I guess he must have heard his peers refer to Xanadu as a cool individual, which later brought him and his peers to start using it in their everyday language.  I wonder what other words originated as one thing and transformed into meaning something else?

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  1. “He mentioned that xanadu was a state of being” –> I had no idea! I always thought it was a poem (and a google search later, a place).

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