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Uninvited Dinner Guest (WPC: Inside)

A while back, I bought an economy-sized bin of spring mix. While preparing dinner one night, I cracked open the container, moved some of the greens around, and saw, what appeared to be, a foot. And a tail. I uncovered this mouse that was sealed into the container and sadly died on leaves of arugula and baby red romaine. I haven’t eaten spring mix since.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside | http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/14/weekly-photo-challenge-inside-2/

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Kainoa is a hula practitioner, higher education professional, student, and aspiring lifestyle maven. During her free time, she enjoys writing, solo travel, photography, and the domestic arts.


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  4. Oh wow, I think that would traumatize me for quite a while! Once, I was cutting broccoli and felt something warm on my cold broccoli. It was a big squishy worm. This experience was over a decade ago and it still haunts me every single time I cut broccoli. But your salad mouse, in my opinion, is in a league of its own!

    • Eewww! I’ve found worms in vegetables too, but I’m usually okay with it. It means the veggies are good. I should feel the same way about that mouse, but well, it’s a mammal. With fur. In salad mix. Yuck.

      • I was in Hilo for Spring Break last week. My parents bought a salad mix similar to the one your furry friend was in. It could’ve been a head of lettuce for all I care, but being in Hilo + eating salad = irrational thoughts of uninvited guests. See, I’m forever scarred! Haha!

    • Adorable! Thanks for sharing your take on the theme!

      I’ve stopped buying products from that company, but I do miss Spring Mix. 😦

      • There’s a lot of companies out there. Just get on twitter and in your profile say you what you are interested, and they’ll come beating down your virtual door. I have many people following me who do so simply because I put in my profile that I am interested in alternate health. The companies apparently do searches to find those who are interested in what they have to sell. It’s worth a try.

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