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Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: T-shirts

Surf Boards

Quiver of surfboards in front of surf shop

A few years back, we took a trip to Kauai.  It was a fun weekend since we got to play tourist.  One of the highlights was signing up for surf lessons.  Though we have very close friends who surf, their teaching techniques entail barking orders –  just stand up, get up on the board, pull yourselves up and dig deep when you paddle.  Since those tips have not been very helpful, we thought maybe if we got some tips from those who make a living out of teaching tourists how to surf we would actually get better and kick some butt the next time we are out on the waves.

Proudly displaying the t-shirts we earned from our "grueling" surf lesson

Proudly displaying the t-shirts we earned from our “grueling” surf lesson

Well, let’s just say after battling it out for almost an hour of just paddling around in the waves, we only got up one or two times.  The one thing that was cool from the surf lesson, was that Kainoa and I each got a shirt.  It sure was a fun experience that to this day we laugh about.  I think that just like a photograph which can remind you of a moment from the past, when ever I see this bright yellow t-shirt in my closet, it reminds me of the time we decided to spend part of our stay-cay taking a surf lesson.  The guys did tease us about spending our mullah on a surf lesson, but hey, it was worth the experience.  I don’t think there are many locals who would do something silly like this, but we are always open to trying different things.

Afternoon surf session

Afternoon surf session

While Kainoa and I had our surf lessons, Adrel and JQ went on their own to hit the surf.  It was a rather calm afternoon, but they were still able to catch some waves.  Kauai has some great surf spots around the island, and everywhere we went we definitely saw lots of locals and tourists out and about enjoying the lovely Pacific Ocean.

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  1. I love how you craft a great story out of the theme and your memories – we are trying to get to Maui in June (I miss Hawaii) and I might even try a surf lesson! Thanks so much for your entry.

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