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Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes


Kainoa’s delicious cupcakes

Last month, we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday.  I was hemming and hawing about planning this event.  I didn’t want a big shindig, as I had been rather tired, but I was getting pressure from my ‘ohana (family).

“How can you not celebrate your baby’s 1st year!”
“You will not get this opportunity again.  She only turns one once.”
“This is a party for everyone who has supported you this past year.”
“She is your only baby, why don’t you put in some effort.”
Kolby Art

Our talented Kolby creating magical facial paintings

Hearing all this was troubling.  I don’t know why I was frozen with fear and feeling a bit anxious.  I had planned many large events in the past, but this time around, I was in serious exhaust mode.  I am fortunate to have some very creative, caring and loyal friends.  They all pitched in to help me.  We decided to scale back and invite an intimate group.  Since it was a children’s party, I was a bit outside of my element.  I didn’t know what a children’s party was supposed to look like.  When I was a kid, it all looked rather simple – pin the tail on the pony, chase master; but now, things have really escalated.  I was concerned if the kids would have fun.  I was prepared with all kinds of games, but in the end, I discovered they just wanted to hang out with one another.

I definitely will look back on baby’s first birthday as a time when we just laughed ourselves silly, ate lots of sugar, and prayed for good weather.  I am very thankful for everyone that came together to help make baby’s first baby come to fruition.  I really could not have done it without everyone’s kokua (help).  And as one of my friends said, next year for her two-year old party, we just invite the ten of us.  Less worry, less mess, and less stress.  Sounds good!

Photo Booth

The faithful and loyal posse

WWC: Threes


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