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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Small Subjects

As I was cleaning up after my baby, I came upon her shoes. They are so little they fit in the palm of my hand. The puakenikeni flower that I picked that afternoon was laying next to the shoes, but thought why not have the shoes cradle the flower. I love shoes, and am finding that there are so many adorable baby shoes, too.

Baby shoes cradling a puakinekine flower

Baby shoes cradling a puakenikeni flower

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  1. They are adorable shoes…I bet you could come up with all sorts of way to photograph them. Thanks for sharing and participating!

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  3. That is an absolutely precious photo! It looks like it could be on the invitation for a baby shower or something. I love your photos!

    • Mahalo for the kind words. My baby is my muse that has helped me see things in a different light.

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