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Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?    

I love vanilla bean ice-cream, especially Roselani’s Hawaiian vanilla bean ice-cream.  I can have a scoop of vanilla bean any time of the day.  I think the reason why I prefer vanilla bean over the other ice-cream flavors is that it complements any topping and most of all it goes great in shakes, smoothies or cocktails.  Vanilla bean ice-cream is great when also paired with a slice of chocolate cake.  The rich taste of the decadent chocolate and the silky taste of the vanilla bean ice-cream takes it to another level of happiness.

I think the magic is in the vanilla bean.  A few years back, Kainoa and I took our parents to visit the Hawaiian Vanilla Company in Paauilo.  We enjoyed a splendid lunch and the owner, Jim Reddekopp, greeted us during our meal and shared his vision for his property.  After our meal, we had a tour of his property where he explained the process of pollinating the orchid to obtain the vanilla bean.  It was impressive to see his vast orchid farm and to know that his vanilla bean is in the my favorite Roselani ice-cream.

Vanilla Farm Lunch

Delicious lunch prepared in the Vanilla kitchen. The yummy lemonade was perfect to quench my thirst.

Jim Reddekopp, owner of Hawaiian Vanilla Company, sharing how vanilla extract is made.

Jim Reddekopp, owner of Hawaiian Vanilla Company, sharing how vanilla extract is made.

Vanilla Farm Tour

Vanilla Farm Tour

Vanilla Orchids

Vanilla Orchids



  1. Humor_Me_Now says

    I have been eating vanilla ice cream all of my life including last night!! I love Hawaii and now I love it more.

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