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Weekly Writing Challenge: Snapshots

Afternoon Delight

Throughout the entire day my appetite was ginormous.  As we were headed home, I turned to my husband and told him I was craving an ice shave. Maybe because it was a hot day and I was feeling overheated, I just needed something cold and refreshing.  We took a slight detour and headed for the North Shore and stopped at Aoki’s Shave Ice.  Luckily, since it was a Monday afternoon, there was no line!  We parked next to the building and went inside.  Greeting us as we walked through their door, was a huge sign with very clear instructions on how to order.  I guess since they catered to many tourists, they must have been tired of explaining how to order.   While the girl behind the counter started to scoop soft mounds of shaved ice, I asked for a scoop of vanilla ice cream and an order of sweet azuki beans, too.  I don’t normally order such a large treat, but this time, man, I could not resist.  As she trickled the sweet flavors over my ice shave, I was anxious for her to hand it over to me.  After she put in a small straw with a small wooden paddle, and wrapped the plastic green cone with a napkin, I knew it was time for my afternoon delight.  It was so heavenly to sink my teeth into a cold sweet treat with flavors of lilikoi and mango.

Instead of sitting and eating our ice shave on the red cafe style chairs outside of the store, my husband and I drove over to Haleiwa beach.  Waiting for us was a lovely empty bench with one of the best views.  The afternoon surfers were enjoying the small swells.  There were a few tourists walking along the sandy shoreline trying not to get splashed by the lapping waves.  There were hardly any locals, maybe a few old timers, in the distance casting a pole or hanging out at the harbor nearby.  It was a great moment to sit, enjoy our ice shave as it melted in the heat of the afternoon sun, while taking in the sounds of the water and soaking in the afternoon sunrays.



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