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I am a Rock Star! Hear Me Yodel!

I may not sing like Madonna or like Janet Jackson, but I have been learning to belt out a tune here or there for my favorite little fan.  In my daughter’s eyes, I am a rock star and I sing quite a pleasant tune.

Normally, I do not enjoy musicals nor do I like karaoke, but lately I have been finding that singing is the only way to calm my baby.  A few weeks ago, my daughter was admitted to the hospital where she was poked and prodded.  They needed to draw blood and administer intravenous fluids.  She was confused with her new surroundings, the strangers approaching her, and an uncomfortable bed.  It is hard as the parent to see your child’s little body go through trauma.  She would have panic cries each time the medical staff would check her vitals.  It was so heart breaking.

Taking the iv dressing off her foot.

Taking the iv dressing off her foot.

In order to soothe her, I spent quite a bit of time singing her nursery rhymes.  Luckily, through the suggestion of a veteran mother, we have been listening to the Toddler radio station on Pandora almost every day.  There are so many infant songs I did not know existed.  My husband teases me about it, but every day I learn a new song.  When I ran out of songs to sing at the hospital, I tried to remember the infant songs my mom would sing to me in Spanish as a child.  My favorite Spanish songs: Los Pollitos Dicen Pio Pio Pio, Tengo Una Vaca Lechera, and Arroz Con Leche.

After the twentieth time of singing the same tunes over and over, I was done.  But, my baby would look at me with wide eyes and encourage me with her throaty sounds to keep going on.  I don’t know if singing helped her endure her hospital stay, but she never got tired of hearing my voice and found comfort in my off key singing.

Perhaps I cannot carry on a tune, but who cares.  My daughter is my number one fan and loves to hear me sing.  Rock on!



  1. Holly Garriques says

    I listen to the toddler radio on Pandora too. Saphira and I have a lot of fun dancing in the house. “Los pollitos dicen pio pip pio cuando tienen hambre, cuando tienen trio…” that’s one of my favorites.

    • Si, bailando con la bebé es bien divertido. Siempre cuando puedo estamos bailando en la sala, en la cocina, o también en el baño. Ojalá mi bebe aprenda a bailar bien. 💃 Que otras canciones les gustan cantar?

  2. Live Hilo says

    Thanks for this, I didn’t know about toddler radio. We listened for a bit today, great selection! 🙂

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