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The Spirit of Halloween

Halloween costumes – two words that conjure up a host of memories, fantasies, dreams and more. What’s not to love about Halloween? It’s a chance to dress as what you’ve always wished to be, to be someone or something you really admire, fear, cry or laugh about.

Every year Waimea’s most eclectic gift shop, Without Boundaries, switches out its entire inventory and becomes the premiere Halloween costume outlet on the island. People of all ages and sizes flock to this quaint shop to find the year’s trendiest costumes that dazzle, scare or are just plain bizarre.

I recently had the privilege to help out the shop owners (and good friends), Diane and Michael Brock, over the past weekend. To say that my brief stint assisting costume hunters was interesting would be a gross understatement. There is something to be said about the process of helping someone create a “look” he/she has envisioned for “All Hallows’ Eve;” it was eye opening, entertaining and very spirited.

PippiWhen an aspiring Katy Perry look-alike stepped out of the dressing room and posed for her mother, I couldn’t help but think back on a memory from my childhood when my parents dressed me as Pippi Longstocking with the trademark braids propped up with wire. I remembered flopping around the neighborhood trick-or-treating in my dad’s oversized shoes and thinking how cool it was to be Pippi for the day.

The pleasure and simple joy of playacting is perhaps one of many reasons Halloween is so popular with children and adults alike. Children get to inhabit a character, whether it is a frightening figure or an idolized superhero. Adults enjoy dressing up and putting on a mask for similar reasons, allowing them to drop their inhibitions and step outside of themselves for an evening. There’s great satisfaction in stepping into another character for a while, even (or especially) for a grown-up. I find that to be the true Spirit of Halloween.

If you’re looking to live out your fantasies this coming Halloween, stop by Without Boundaries in Waimea. The shop is stocked from floor to ceiling with the most diverse collection of costumes and accessory possibilities for just about every member of the family, including pets.

Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun trick-or-treating, be safe and don’t forget to brush after nibbling on those delightful sweets.


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  1. BRODRUEZ says

    I have been absent for the past few blog post but now I am back. Halloween is up and coming it is nice to see the wonderful creations both children and adults make at this time of the year. Trick or Treat to all the adults and children stay safe and don’t forget to wear light color clothes so drivers can see you walking on the side of the road… And parents don’t forget to check your childrens candy.

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