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Stuff We Love: Slush Floats

When I was in high school after school ended we would walk down Waianuenue Avenue to Dairy Queen to buy a slush float with a small order of fries.   At first I thought the pairing sounded awful, but for some reason the salty fries dipped in vanilla icecream of the slush float was exceptionally great.  Then again, my palette back then was not well-developed.

Twenty-some years later, I still love slush floats with a side order of fries.  Blane’s Drive Inn has the best strawberry slush floats.  If you don’t know what a slush float is, it basically is heaps of vanilla ice-cream sitting in a chilly cup of strawberry icy.  Sometimes you can get a great deal, buy one small slush float, and get the other free.  I craved these slush floats after giving birth, which I share in the post: I Stay Hungry!