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Flashback Friday

20130927-061757-AM.jpgSleepover at Rogene’s!


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Kainoa is a hula practitioner, higher education professional, student, and aspiring lifestyle maven. During her free time, she enjoys writing, solo travel, photography, and the domestic arts.


  1. BRODRUEZ says

    ALOHA!!! S’mores by the fire place such a wonderful warm feeling inside. First of all is this in Hawaii? I did not know there was fire places in the homes isn’t going to be to warm in the island to have a fire place? Wonderful flash back home you 3 lovely ladies have more fun with your growing friendship.

    • Waimea is 2,670 feet (814 m) above sea level, and temperatures can drop to low 50’s during winter. Brrr…. fireplaces are essential for keeping those tootsies warm.

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