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The Magic List

“Did you get your name on the list?”  They ask.

“What list?”  I reply.

“You know, THE list.” They respond.

That pretty much is how a couple of my conversations begin when I meet a new mom.  I had no idea that I was going to have to start worrying about what pre-school my baby was going to attend for another few years.  When she was born I was already told, you better call and get your baby’s name on the list.  I know education is important, but the fact that some parents put their name on the pre-school list even before they have confirmed that they have conceived is truly amazing.

When I started to call around Hilo, I found that there are some preschools that have a set academic curriculum.  I thought pre-school was about socializing and having fun.  I look back at the photos of when I attended pre-school and they are of me and the other kids visiting the community, such as Life Care Center, or making crafts.  But, I guess in order to get a leg up in this world maybe it is important to start academics as early as three-years old?

Preschool 1

Life Care Center visit with preschool (1979)

There are a few pre-schools that are about interactive play.  I did find one that accepts babies as early as two-years old, and without being potty trained!  The prices of pre-school are not cheap.  They range from as low as $525 to $600 a month.  This also depends if you plan to have them attend half day or pick them up at the end of a business day.  I guess this is the law of supply and demand at its best.  Population of Hilo grows, but the options of pre-schools have not changed.

Well, I hope my baby gets a shot at attending preschool, as I did not get the memo early enough to have our name be on the top of the list.



  1. Live Hilo says

    Gah! Gotta get my kid on some lists! Thanks for the reminder.

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