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Stuff We Love: Kimchi

My all time favorite side dish is kimchi.  It has to be prepared well, otherwise, not worth busting out the tall glass of water and bowl of steaming hot rice.  For several years, Kainoa and I, have been fascinated with Korean dramas, reality television shows, and just anything Korean.  Not necessarily for the story line, but mostly because of the food!  Granted not everything we watch on television is a true representation of a country’s culture, but you cannot go wrong with the food!

I hardly would consider myself a great cook, but if I am determined to eat something, you will find me getting my hands dirty.  Finding the recipe that would be worth the trouble of making the yummy kimchi was the challenge.  Luckily, I have resourceful friends.  Kainoa turned me on to Maangchi, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in 2010.  Perusing through Maangchi’s website I found her kimchi recipe, that I have used to this day religiously.  When I met her in 2010 she told me the secret to the recipe is using FRESH OYSTERS!

One small tip, do not plan to make this late at night.  It does take a few hours to prepare the cabbage, so start early in the day so you don’t look haggard the next day.

Preparing Cabbage

#1: Preparing Cabbage

Kimchi Paste

#2: Kimchi Paste

Layering Kimchi Paste

#3: Layering Kimchi Paste

Final Product

#4: Final Product



      • Live Hilo says

        You’re on! 🙂
        I’ve been enjoying kimchi on tamago gohan or on brown rice with flax oil.

  1. BRODRUEZ says

    who does not love the wonderful flavorful taste of kimchee? I sure love everything kimchee 🙂 At least 4 times a month I HAVE to get my Korean flavor fix. I once went to Korea and just loved the colorful and flavorful taste of food there hope to return someday I just love all types of food from different cultures. Keep up the good work. ALOHA

    • Mahalo, BRODRUEZ! Yes, I love all kinds of foods, too. That is the best part about traveling. Do you try replicating new dishes that you try? If you have any great recipes, please share.

  2. Leslie says

    Just pinned you! Oysters & Fish Sauce huh? That’s interesting and unexpected. I’ve made some Korean friends here, so I will have to make this and see what they think. I’m not sure if DH will dig the fish sauce. Thanks Caro for sharing… been gathering kimchee recipes. Was gonna break down and use the NOH packet. Honis & Hugs for keiki!

    • Aloha Leslie! Definitely should make this recipe from Maangchi. It will definitely be a hit with everyone. Be sure to visit a Korean or Asian market for the ingredients. If you do come in February, will try to have some ready for you to eat. =) Hugs to you all, too…

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