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I Stay Hungry!

Sniff. Sniff. Is that huli huli chicken? Mmmhh…smells like curry. Oh, no, down wind I think I smell pesto pasta.

I thought I was supposed to have an over enhanced sense of smell and be craving everything and anything out of the ordinary while pregnant, not after! It so happens that during my pregnancy I hardly craved anything. Um, I take that back, I wanted to eat everything I could not eat – opihi, sashimi, deli sandwiches, and sprouts! I think I was paranoid of what I could not eat, that I was cautious of what I ate. I was careful how much weight I put on, too. I heard if I put on too much weight I would have a difficult labor and have an on set of gestational diabetes and/or preeclampsia (high blood pressure). I was so scared about having any complications, I was very strict with my diet, and only ate what I needed for a healthy pregnancy. I was lucky that I was satisfied with the meals I ate, and didn’t have mid-night runs to Ken’s House of Pancakes.

But now postpartum, I eat what is served in front of me, and if the opportunity presented itself, I would eat a horse. I am constantly hungry! Without fail, there are not any leftovers after a meal. Granted I am breastfeeding, and perhaps that is what is causing this phenomenal change. I feel like a teenager going through a growth spurt and can eat just about anything. I love large spoonful’s of Nutella, salty tortilla chips, dark chocolate, Maangchi’s kimchee, spicy white crab poke, Korean seaweed, and carrot cake (from Island Naturals with the thick glob of frosting). And, I cannot get enough of Roselani’s vanilla bean ice cream. Oh, and don’t get me started with the strawberry slush floats from Blane’s drive-in, I need to stay away from those.

My trusted friend and former co-worker shared with me that I am consuming these extra calories because the baby needs them. Really? I guess I can make myself feel better thinking this, but as another co-worker pointed out, don’t get used to eating like this for what stays a moment on the lips, stays forever on the hips! I did not know all the changes that happen to your body AFTER giving birth. I thought the hard part was being pregnant, but am finding that was the easy part. So, if you see me coming, be sure to hide your lunch. If I get a sniff of it, I might come knocking on your door asking for a taste. But, if you get choke food and need help finishing it, just give me a holler. I am not a picky eater, I love to eat. But more so, if you have opihi in your freezer, don’t hold out on me and let me know. I still have not had my fix.